The city of Astana lies on the banks of the Ishim river. North of the central area lies the city park, a huge green area extending for about 800m x 1000m. The park is nicely laid out and contains a number of interesting structures and buildings. Along the Ishim river there even is a sandy beach. At the southern end there is the Atameken theme park, containing miniaturised replicas of Kazakh buildings and monuments.
01 Presidential park 02 Syghanaq bridge 03 Grand Alatau towers 04 Ishim river and beach
05 Ishim river 06 Ishim river and beach
07 Bridge on Ishim river 08 Beach 09 National tennis centre 10 Hemisphere sculpture
11 Olympic rings 12 National tennis centre 13 City park
14 Clown fountain and circus 15 Atameken theme park 16 Atameken theme park
17 Kabanbai Batyr bridge 18 Kabanbai Batyr bridge 19 Ishim river
20 Qabanbay Batyr bridge 21 Grand Alatau towers 22 Grand Alatau towers 23 Park on Ishim river 24 Grand Alatau towers
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