Around the Ak Orda, the presidential palace with its blue cupola, are a number of buildings some of which are for governmental functions. The house of ministries contains the offices of the Kazakh ministries. Near the presidential palace there are the Senate and the Supreme Court buildings. On both sides of the Ak Orda are two tall golden conical towers. The green-blue Central Concert Hall has a very special flower petals shape and was inaugurated in 2009.
01 House of ministries of Kazakhstan 02 Golden cone tower 03 Presidential palace and flower beds 04 Ak Orda presidential palace 05 Yellow flower beds
06 Golden cone tower and ministries 07 Golden cone tower 08 Senate building 09 Senate building 10 Ak Orda presidential palace
11 Concert hall 12 Concert hall 13 Government district 14 House of ministries of Kazakhstan
15 Concert hall 16 House of ministries of Kazakhstan 17 House of ministries of Kazakhstan 18 Supreme court of Kazakhstan
19 Concert hall 20 Concert hall
21 House of ministries of Kazakhstan 22 Concert hall 23 Ak Orda presidential palace
24 Arch 25 Arch 26 Ak Orda presidential palace 27 Presidential palace
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