The Bayterek monument is a 105m tall structure, consisting of white metallic tower resembling a tree with a golden sphere on top of it. The sphere is meant to represent the egg laid by the mythical bird Samruk, containing the secrets of human desires and happiness. The Bayterek was completed in 1997. Nowadays it is possible to access the golden sphere with an elevator. Inside the sphere there is an observation platform with two levels. Around the Bayterek there are nicely laid out flower beds.
01 Bayterek tower 02 Bayterek monument 03 Bayterek tower 04 Flower arches 05 Bayterek monument
06 Flower beds 07 Bayterek tower 08 Flower beds 09 Bayterek monument 10 Bayterek tower
11 Flower arches 12 Astana 13 Observation deck 14 Tourists on staircase 15 Bayterek monument at night
16 Bayterek tower at night
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