Almaty (Kazakh: Almatı, Russian: Алматы), formerly known as Alma-Ata, is the largest city in Kazakhstan with over 1.5 million inhabitants. It is located in the southeast of Kazakhstan, almost 1000km from Astana and not far from the border to Kyrgyzstan, at the foot of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan until 1997, when the capital was transferred to Astana. The centre of Almaty includes some parks and green areas, several universities and many neoclassical and Soviet era buildings. The city is relatively new, having been founded in 1854 as a Russian frontier fort named Verny, and having been subsequently destroyed by earthquakes in 1887 and 1911. As such Almaty is not a terribly interesting place to visit, but is useful as a travel hub due to the numerous flights departing and arriving to its airport.
01 Central state museum 02 Golden prince warrior 03 Central state museum
04 Almaly shopping mall 05 Groom and bride 06 Groom and Muslim bride 07 Almaly shopping mall
08 Warrior archer statue 09 Bronze statue of man 10 Cafe in Furmanov street 11 Rixos hotel 12 Bingo Loto
13 Golden Palace hotel 14 Republic palace 15 Crown tower 16 Crown tower
17 Republic palace 18 Statue of Abai Qunanbaiuli 19 Kazakh national agrarian university 20 Kazakh national agrarian university
21 Path to university 22 Abay metro station 23 Presidential palace 24 Respublika Alany square 25 Warrior archer statue
26 Bronze book 27 Furmanov street 28 Building on Furmanov street 29 Zenkov Russian Orthodox cathedral 30 Zenkov cathedral
31 Zenkov cathedral 32 Great patriotic war memorial 33 War memorial 34 War memorial
35 War memorial
36 Great patriotic war memorial 37 Green market 38 Green market
39 Central mosque 40 Pushkin street 41 Government building
42 Park 43 Kazakh -British technical university 44 Kazakh -British technical university
45 Kazakh national medical university 46 al-Farabi Kazakh national university 47 Almaty technological university
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