Mount Nebo is a series of peaks at 817m above sea level 25km southwest of Jordan. The site is of great significance to Christianity, Judaism and Islam. According to the Bible, Mount Nebo is where Moses was shown the promised land that God would give to the Israelites. Mount Nebo is also supposedly the place where Moses was buried by God himself. After Moses' death his successor Joshua went on to lead the Israelites across the river into Canaan. Mount Nebo is an archaeological site with ruins of a 4th century church, the Moses Memorial church, as well as of other old structures. Well preserved floor mosaics are visible on the site.
01 Path to Mt Nebo 02 Pope visit memorial 03 Stone with inscriptions 04 Abu Badd rolling stone 05 Floor mosaics
06 Floor mosaics 07 Palestino-Aramaic inscription from the Kayanos church 08 Greek inscription from 762 AD 09 Vase with flowers mosaic
10 Mosaic from the Kayanos church 11 Church ruins 12 Church ruins
13 Church ruins 14 View towards the west 15 Brazen serpent statue
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