The Azraq wetlands reserve lies 85 km east of Amman and can usually be done as a stop on the Desert Castles loop. The wetlands used to be a large area of marshes and lakes in the past, home to a multitude of animals, including herds of water buffaloes, birds and more. Due to human intervention and excessive water drainage, by 1992 this ecosystem had collapsed. Since 1998 conservation efforts have been undertaken to restore the wetlands to their previous state. Nowadays the Azraq wetlands reserve consists of a relatively small area with ponds and reeds. In the visitor centre there are some exhibits about the reserve.
01 Main entrance 02 Reeds 03 Reeds
04 Pond and reeds 05 Pond and reeds 06 Pond and reeds
07 Pond and reeds 08 Observation building 09 Pond and reeds
10 Picnic area with tables
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