Located on the island of Honshu, at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay about 400km west of Tokyo, Osaka is one of Japan's largest cities and the centre of the second largest metropolitan area in Japan. Although the origins of Osaka can be traced back to the 5th century BC, the city started developing significantly after the construction of the Osaka castle in 1586. The daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi encouraged merchants from all over Japan to settle in the area, laying the foundations for the development of Osaka as a the commercial capital of Japan. The city of Osaka has a population of 2.6 million inhabitants. Osaka is famous for its nightlife and its culinary delicacies.
01 Skyscraper 02 Square with office buildings 03 Stairs 04 NHK skyscraper
05 Nagame business park 06 Bridge and building 07 Crystal tower 08 Osaka-jo hall
09 Twin towers 10 Crystal tower 11 Business district with skyscrapers 12 Crystal tower signboard 13 Business district with skyscrapers
14 Business district with skyscrapers 15 Entrance to Yodobashi-Umeda mall 16 Umeda Sky building 17 Umeda Sky building
18 Umeda Sky building 19 Fountain with metal cylinders 20 Umeda Sky building 01 Square with floral decorations 02 Square with fountain and flower beds
03 Tree 04 Schoolchildren in uniform walking 05 Schoolchildren in uniform walking 06 View of park and municipal art museum 07 Osaka municipal art museum
01 Moat and wall 02 Castle park 03 Japanese woman wearing kimono 04 Japanese couple wearing kimonos 05 Park and central tower
06 Chrysanthemum flowers 07 Park and central tower 08 Central tower 09 Central tower 10 Rampart and moat
01 Temple gate 02 Building with prayer papers and tablets 03 Pavilion 04 Pavilion
05 Statue of monk and prayer flags 06 Statue of monk and prayer flags 07 Main building and pagoda 08 Five storied pagoda 01 Subway
02 Subway with shops 03 Chinese restaurant in subway 04 Plastic food for display 05 Moon cake sweets for sale 06 Restaurant with plastic food on display
07 Passengers in metro train wagon 08 Passengers in metro train wagon 09 Platform in underground station
01 Osaka skyline 02 Green blue skyscraper
03 Osaka skyline with Yodo river 04 Osaka skyline with Yodo river
05 Osaka skyline at sunset 06 Osaka skyline at dusk
07 Osaka skyline at dusk 01 Hall with orange rows of seats 02 Hall with orange rows of seats 03 Travellers queuing up at the gate
04 Road below gates with baggage transporter 05 Road below gates
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