Kiyomizu-dera, also known as Otowa-san Kiyomizu-dera or Clear Water Temple is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto. It was founded in the early Heian period in 798, although the current structures date back to 1633, when the temple underwent a restoration ordered by the Tokugawa Iemitsu. The structures are built entirely without nails. Kiyomizu-dera consists of a large number of pagodas, pavilions and halls, which are spread on a hill overlooking Kyoto from the east. The temple is a popular spot on weekends when it attracts a large local crowd. Many young Japanese girls visit the temple wearing a traditional kimono. The main hall of the temple is the Hon-do.
01 Chawan-zaka alley to temple 02 Nio-mon gate 03 Nio-mon and Sai-mon gates 04 Nio-mon gate 05 Sai-mon gate
06 Sai-mon gate 07 Staircase 08 Red temple halls 09 Red temple halls 10 Three story pagoda, Kyodo and Tamura halls
11 Red God statue in Hon-do hall 12 Staircase and torii gate 13 Zuigu-do hall 14 Votive picture tablets 15 Women praying at Zuigu-do hall 16 Women praying at Zuigu-do hall
17 Staircase 18 Treetops 19 Japanese girls wearing kimono 20 Nio-mon gate 21 Japanese girl wearing kimono 22 Souvenir shop
23 Wooden slippers 24 Nio-mon and Sai-mon gates 25 Sai-mon gate 26 Nio-mon gate 27 Otowa-no-taki waterfall
28 Hon-do main hall 29 Hon-do main hall and three-story pagoda at dusk 30 Hon-do main hall and three-story pagoda at dusk
31 Three-story pagoda at dusk 32 Three-story pagoda at dusk
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