The Maria Weißenstein pilgrimage church (Wallfahrtskirche Maria Weißenstein) is a sanctuary located in South Tyrol, Italy. It is an important pilgrimage site and a beautiful example of sacred architecture in the region. The church is situated on a hilltop near the village of Petersberg, in the municipality of Deutschnofen, South Tyrol. It is perched at an elevation of around 1520 meters, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
The origins of the pilgrimage site date back to 1553 when the Virgin Mary is said to have apperaed to the farmer Leonhard Weißensteiner. This event attracted pilgrims, and over time, a chapel and later the current church were built to accommodate the growing number of visitors. The Maria Weißenstein Pilgrimage Church features a striking Baroque-style architecture. The church's interior is impressive, with ornate altars, richly decorated ceilings, and beautiful religious artwork.
How to get to the Maria Weißenstein pilgrimage church
The only way to reach the church is by car. It's a 2km drive from Petersberg, or 32km / 40 minutes from Bozen
There is a hotel directly adjacent to the pilgrimage church. Alternatively it is possible to stay somewhere else in the area, for instance in the provincial capital Bozen.
01 Access road 02 Pilgrimage basilica Maria Weissenstein 03 Snow covered mountain meadow
04 Snow covered mountain meadow 05 Snow covered path to church 06 Maria Weissenstein sanctuary church in winter 07 Maria Weissenstein sanctuary
08 Bell tower 09 Hotel restaurant Weissenstein 10 Pilgrimage basilica Maria Weissenstein 11 Maria Weissenstein sanctuary 12 Pilgrimage basilica Maria Weissenstein
13 Mountain view towards Dolomites
14 WInter view of mountains and snow covered meadow
15 Mountain view towards Dolomites 16 Pilgrimage basilica Maria Weissenstein
17 Maria Weissenstein sanctuary in winter
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