Bozen (Bolzano in Italian) is the capital of South Tyrol, a mountainous region in northern Italy, where the majority of the population consists of German-speaking ethnic Austrians. Bozen is a small city located in the valley of the Etsch with approx. 100000 inhabitants. The city's Germanic character, enhanced by the narrow cobblestone streets, Austrian-style churches and pervasive bilingual signage give it the unique flavor of a city at crossroads between Italian and Germanic cultures.
01 Zollstange square 02 Piave street 03 Piave street 04 Piave street 05 Corner building on Piave street 06 Walther square
07 Walther square 08 Walther square 09 Statue of Walther von der Vogelweide 10 Statue of Walther von der Vogelweide 11 Stadt hotel
12 Building 13 Bindergasse alley 14 Bindergasse alley 15 Zollstange square 16 Shopping centre 17 Night view of cathedral
18 Lauben at night 19 Lauben at night 20 Bank on Walther square at night
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