Siracusa (Syracuse in English) is a small city of 123000 inhabitants located on the western coast of Sicily close to its southern tip. Siracusa has a long 2700-years history, and has played an important role in antiquity. The city was founded by Greek settlers from Corinth in 734 BC and became the most important city of the Magna Grecia area in southern Italy. After conquest by the Romans, Siracusa experienced a period slow decline. Nowadays only the Neapolis archaeological area reminds of the ancient times. The historic core of Siracusa on Ortygia island contains many beautiful renessaince and baroque era buildings. Siracusa and the rocky necropolis of Pantalica have been listed as UNESCO world heritage sites since 2005.
01 Greek theatre 02 Greek theatre 03 Seat rows in Greek theatre
04 Seat rows in Greek theatre 05 Greek theatre 06 Via dei Sepolcri
07 Rock chamber 08 Ear of Dionysius grotto 09 Ear of Dionysius cave entrance 10 Ear of Dionysius cave 11 Ear of Dionysius grotto
12 Roman amphitheatre 13 Roman amphitheatre 14 Roman amphitheatre
01 Bay of Syracuse 02 Waterfront at sunset
03 Waiting for the sunset 04 Ortigia island at sunset 05 Bay of Syracuse at sunset
06 Bay of Syracuse
07 Bay of Syracuse
08 Castello Maniace castle 09 Castello Maniace gate 10 Castello Maniace castle 11 Corridor in Castello Maniace
12 Castello Maniace castle 13 Castello Maniace castle 14 Castello Maniace castle 01 Madonna delle Lacrime church 02 Madonna delle Lacrime church
03 Madonna delle Lacrime church 04 Magnolia tree flowers 05 Pastries 06 Pastries
07 Karrubini pastries 08 Eureka pastries 09 Papyrus plant 10 Papyrus plant 01 Cathedral of Syracuse
02 Cathedral of Syracuse 03 Townhall 04 Fountain of Arethusa 05 Waterfront at sunset 06 Restaurants on waterfront
07 Duomo square 08 Banco di Sicilia bank 09 Minerva cafe at dusk
10 Duomo square at night
11 Duomo square at night 12 Town hall at night
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