The historic core of Siracusa on Ortygia island consists mostly of renessaince, baroque and neoclassical period buildings. The highlight is the long cathedral square, on which several impressive buildings are located. The Santa Maria delle Colonne cathedral was originally built in the 7th century on the site of a Greek temple. Over the centuries it underwent many transformations. In thr 17th century the baroque facade was built. The historical core of Siracusa is full of shops and restaurants.
01 Cathedral of Syracuse 02 Cathedral of Syracuse 03 Townhall 04 Fountain of Arethusa 05 Waterfront at sunset
06 Restaurants on waterfront 07 Duomo square 08 Banco di Sicilia bank 09 Minerva cafe at dusk
10 Duomo square at night
11 Duomo square at night 12 Town hall at night
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