The Neapolis archaeological park is located just outside Siracusa, a couple of km from its historical core. Inside there are the remains of a 5th century BC Greek theatre, which was carved out of the rock. Behind it lies Latomia del Paradiso, a series of limestone quarries with catacombs where prisoners were incarcerated. The Dionysius ear is a huge, 23m high man-made cave located inside the complex. The poorly preserved Roman amphitheatre dates back to the 2nd century AD and was used for gladiator fights and horse races.
01 Greek theatre 02 Greek theatre 03 Seat rows in Greek theatre
04 Seat rows in Greek theatre 05 Greek theatre 06 Via dei Sepolcri
07 Rock chamber 08 Ear of Dionysius grotto 09 Ear of Dionysius cave entrance 10 Ear of Dionysius cave 11 Ear of Dionysius grotto
12 Roman amphitheatre 13 Roman amphitheatre 14 Roman amphitheatre
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