Some miscellanous views of Jerusalem and its old city. The Hagia Maria Sion abbey is a Benedictine abbey on Mt. Zion just outside the walls of the old city near the Zion gate.
01 Ghawanima minaret and Dome of the Rock 02 Ghawanima minaret, Western Wall and Dome of the Rock 03 Ghawanima minaret, Western Wall, Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa mosque
04 Israeli flags on roofs 05 Rockefeller archaeological museum 06 Jerusalem skyline
07 View of Jerusalem and Dome of the Rock 08 Panoramic view of Jerusalem and Jewish cemetery 09 Armenian cemetery 10 Hagia Maria Sion abbey
11 Hagia Maria Sion abbey bell tower 12 Hagia Maria Sion abbey 13 Israeli soldiers during lunch break 14 Southern wall and Mount of Olives
15 Ghawanima minaret and Dome of the Rock
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