A predominant feature of central Yazd are the windcatchers, known as badgir in Farsi. These are towers on top of houses with several openings, used to create natural ventilation in buildings. The old city around the bazaar and the Jameh mosque consists of a maze of narrow alleys which criss-cross each other, and of mud-brick houses. There aren't that many impressive sights here, but overall the setup is pictoresque.
01 People walking on pavement 02 Imam Khomeini street 03 Shop 04 Alley 05 Alley
06 Windcatcher 07 Badgir 08 Islamic cleric crossing street 09 Vegetables shop 10 Fruits and vegetables shop
11 Staircase to well 12 Children on staircase to well 13 Windcatcher 14 Window with wooden grid 15 Badgir
16 Windcatchers 17 Windcatchers 18 Windcatcher 19 Street
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