The Sa'ad Abad complex (also known as Sa'dabad Sa'd Abad) or lies at the northern end of Tehran, to the edge of the Alborz mountains. It is a large compound with an area of 110 hectares, containing a large and well kept park and 18 palaces and palace museums. The Sa'ad Abad complex used to be the former residence of the Shah. Inside the complex are a number of museums and exhibitions, such as the cars of the Shah, the paintings collection of Farah Diba (the wife of the Shah), the Omidvar brothers' exbibition (two Iranians who starting in 1954 toured the world for 7 years), a green marble pavillion apparently the residence of the Shah.
01 Watercolours painter 02 Watercolours painter 03 Main gate 04 Cars of the Shah
05 Cars of the Shah 06 Park with trees 07 Park with trees 08 Park with trees 09 Park with trees 10 Green palace museum
11 Green palace museum
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