Shushtar is an ancient fortress city in the Khuzestan plains, 80km north of Ahvaz, not far from the Zagros mountains. The highlight of Shushtar is the historical hydraulic irrigation system, which was built by Roman prisoners in the third century BC. This consists of a series of water channels dug into the rock and water mills. The complex allowed the controlled distribution of water across the plains. The hydraulic irrigation system has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2009.
01 Mostowfi house restaurant 02 Billboard with Chomeini and Chamenei 03 Mostowfi restaurant inner court
04 Plains and Shadravan bridge 05 Historical hydraulic system
06 Historical hydraulic system 07 Gate to historical house 08 Historical hydraulic system 09 Lower level room
10 Buldings near historical hydraulic system 11 Gate to historical hydraulic system 12 Waterfalls 13 River 14 Arched halls 15 Arched halls
16 Waterfalls 17 Waterfalls 18 Waterfalls
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