Susa is an archaeological site located in the plains of Khuzestan, in western Iran. It was the ancient winter capital of the Persian Achaemenid empire between 675 and 330BC. The site has been inhabited since 4200BC, making it one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The archaeological site is located on a 100ha, 15m high terrace next to the Iranian city of Shush. Not much is left on the site: only the ruins of the palace of Darius the Great. Next to it is a castle built by French researchers in the 19th century, as a protection against raids by local tribes. The tomb of Daniel, a site with a conical tower, is the traditional burial place of the biblical prophet Daniel.
01 Tourist minibus 02 Shush and Tomb of Daniel 03 Chateau de Morgan castle 04 Castle tower
05 Castle staircase 06 Palace of Darius foundations
07 Palace of Darius ruins 08 Palace of Darius foundations
09 Shush and Tomb of Daniel 10 Palace of Darius ruins
11 Palace of Darius ruins 12 Castle and Palace of Darius
13 Chateau de Morgan castle 14 Palace of Darius foundations 15 Animal pottery head 16 Persian cuneiform inscription
17 Pottery bust of a woman 18 Heracles statue 19 Parthian column 20 Tomb of Daniel
21 Tomb of Daniel 22 Tomb of Daniel 23 Beef Stroganoff
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