The Stars valley is an area where the sandstone has been deeply eroded by water and wind during the Pleistocene. It consists of ravines and peaks, and rock formations with interesting shapes. The Stars valley is located in the east of Qeshm, about 20km from Qeshm city on the southern coast. To get to it you follow the coastal road from Qeshm city along the southern coast and turn right at the signboard.
01 Stars valley panoramic view
02 Stars valley panoramic view
03 Scenery with ravines and sandstone towers 04 Ravine
05 Marlstone ravines
06 Jagged marl sandstone valley
07 Panoramic view of canyons 08 Jagged marl sandstone
09 Motorbike 10 Marlstone peaks and ravines 11 Marlstone peaks and ravines 12 Jagged marl sandstone 13 Stars valley
14 Actors on motorbike 15 Film crew 16 Film crew near car parking
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