Qeshm city is the largest city in Qeshm island. It is located at the northeastern tip of the island and has a ferry connection to Bandar Abbas. The city itself is unremarkable, but is a good place where to base oneself due to the availability of hotels, shops, restaurants and banks. There are at least a couple of shopping malls and the city is being developed a lot, with new hotels, apartment blocks and shopping malls being built.
01 Vali Asr boulevard 02 Yellow taxis 03 Yellow Hyundai car 04 Skyscraper construction site
05 Building crane at sunset 06 Vali Asr boulevard 07 Vali Asr boulevard
08 Zeytoon park 09 Zeytoon park 10 City Centre shopping mall
11 City Centre shopping mall 12 City Centre shopping mall 13 Cream-filled pastries 14 Pizza Hat outlet 15 Street fountain at night
16 Hello Kitty shop 17 Doner Kebab stall 18 Persian Doner Kebab 19 Green drink 20 Statue of Imam Gholi Khan
21 Harbour terminal 22 Ferry to Bandar Abbas 23 Rooftop restaurant
24 Zeytoon park
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