The Amir Ahmad historical bathhouse (also known as Hammam-e Sultan Amir Ahmad) is an old Persian public bathhouse built in the 16th century, named after Imamzadeh Sultan Amir Ahmad. After being damaged in an earthquake in 1778, the bathhouse was restored in the Qajar era. The bathhouse has a total area of 1000 sqm and consists of several rooms interconnected by corridors. The interior of the bathhouse is richly decorated with turquoise and white tilework. Several domes with circular glass windows let light into the rooms.
01 Ceiling with star pattern 02 Resting benches 03 Amir Ahmad historical bath 04 Corridor 05 Corridor 06 Carpet snd decorated walls
07 Amir Ahmad historical bath 08 Amir Ahmad historical bath 09 Amir Ahmad historical bath 10 Room with water pool 11 Amir Ahmad historical bath
12 Corridor 13 Room with water pool 14 Roof with cupolas 15 Roof with cupolas
16 Kashan view from Amir Ahmad bathhouse 17 Amir Ahmad historical bath 18 Central bathroom
19 Bath room 20 Roof with cupolas 21 Roof with cupolas
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