The Ameriha traditional house (also known as "Khan-e Ameriha" or house of the Ameri family) was built during the Zand era (1750-94) by Agha Ameri, the governor of Kashan and one of the country's wealthiest men. The house was rebuilt in the mid 19th century after a series of earthquakes destroyed much of Kashan. It encompasses seven courtyards with a total area of 9000 sqm. At the time of visiting (mid-2011) the house was being restored and converted to a high end hotel.
01 Inner courtyard with pool 02 Ameriha traditional house 03 Iwan 04 Iwan ceiling 05 Iwan ceiling
06 Room with stained glass windows 07 Inner courtyard with pool 08 Pomegranates 09 Pomegranate tree 10 Pomegranate tree
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