It takes about two hours to reach Polur from Tehran by car. The road is the same road which connects Tehran with the Caspian Sea and can be quite full on peak days, because many Tehranis drive to the Caspian Sea on weekends. After climbing to a highest point at 2600m, the road descends again to Polur, which lies at about 2200m of altitude. It is possible to spend the night before the climb in the hostel of the Iranian Mountaineering Federation in Polur, also known as Camp 1. This has dormitories and facilities. To get to Polur you either book a tour, rent a car or take a taxi from Tehran. After a night in Polur, the next morning you proceed by 4WD car to camp 2, the Goosfand Sara base camp at 3000m of altitude. A 4WD car is necessary because the last part of the road is not paved. At Camp 2 it is advisable to rent a donkey for having the heavy equipment transported to Camp 3 at 4200m.
01 Mosque 02 Golden minaret 03 Resting area and mosque
03 Resting area with bridge and mosque 04 Golden dome of mosque 06 View of Mt Damavand from Polur
07 Mountain climber statue in Polur 08 Shop in Polur 09 Hostel of the Iranian Mountaineering Federation 10 Hostel of the Iranian Mountaineering Federation
11 4WD car in hostel parking lot 12 Road from Polur to Camp 2 13 Jeep on road from Polur to Camp 2
14 Road from Polur to Camp 2 15 Goosfand Sara base camp and mosque 16 Goosfand Sara base camp
17 Donkeys carrying bags 18 Goosfand Sara base camp 19 Indiana Jones in Camp 2 20 Goosfand Sara mosque
21 Goosfand Sara base camp
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