The climb from Camp 3 to the summit of Mt Damavand is tough. There are over 1400m of altitude difference to cover and these are at an altitude (4200m-5670m) where the air is thin and consequently breathing is difficult. With proper acclimatisation it would be possible to cover these 1400m in 3-4 hours, however most people do not have the time and chance to spend a couple of weeks at high altitudes before the Mt Damavand climb. This basically means that most climbers are insufficiently acclimatised and therefore need 5-6 hours to reach the summit (some people even more than that). A number of people also suffer from altitude sickness and have to interrupt the climb and return to camp 2.
Even in the summer months it can get very cold. In August for instance the freezing point (0C) lies around 5000m of altitude. It is therefore necessary to wear sufficiently warm clothes, a wind breaker jacket and gloves. Due to the strong winds, strong sun, dry and dusty air it is necessary to wear high altitude sun glasses.
The trail consists of lose rocks, stones and very small stones, sand and dust - very tough to walk and makes it difficult to maintain a constant walking rhythm. Close to the summit there are sulfur gas emission coming out of the rocks. Climbers wear masks with breathing filters, because this gas emissions are poisonous. Depending on the direction of the wind, these sulfur gas emission are more or less of a problem.
01 Sunrise 02 Mountain slope 03 Mountain slope 04 Sun rising behind mountain slope
05 Mountain slope with snow fields 06 Mountain slope with snow fields 07 Hikers resting in the morning 08 Mountain slope at 5200m
09 Mountain slope at 5200m 10 Hikers climbing Mt Damavand 11 Snow fields at 5300m altitude 12 Snow fields at 5300m altitude
13 Snow fields at 5400m altitude 14 Snow fields at 5400m altitude 15 Snow fields at 5400m altitude 16 Trail to the summit 17 Trail to the summit
18 View towards the summit 19 View of the summit crater 20 View of the summit crater 21 Sulphur rock
22 Sulphur rock 23 Sulphur rock 24 Trail close to the summit crater 25 Summit area
26 Crater rocks 27 Clmbing towards the summit 28 Clmbing towards the summit 29 Clmbing towards the summit
30 Hiker approaching summit crater 31 Hiker approaching summit crater 32 Hiker approaching summit crater 33 Hiker approaching summit crater 34 Hiker among summit crater rocks
35 Hikers on summit crater 36 Hikers on summit crater
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