The site of Chak Chak (also known as Chaq Chaq) is the most sacred Zoroastrian mountain shrine. It lies near the city of Ardakan, on a cliff in the desert around a water spring. Around this water spring the Zoroastrians erected the Pir-e Sabz fire temple, which consists of a number of buildings around a natural cave where the water flows out of the rock. According to the legend, the Sassanian princess Nikbanouh fled to this site following the Arab invasion and was sheltered inside the mountain after praying to Ahura Mazda.
01 Cliffs around Chak Chak 02 Pir-e Sabz Zoroastrian fire temple 03 Pir-e Sabz Zoroastrian fire temple 04 Lizard
05 Brass door 06 Inside the fire temple 07 Inside the fire temple 08 Ash container 09 Ash container 10 Eternal fire
11 Eternal fire 12 Zoroastrian symbol 13 Zoroastrian symbol 14 Wood burning container
15 Brass door
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