The village of Abyaneh lies at an altitude of 2235m in the mountains of central Iran, about 50km southeast of Kashan. The village is at least 1500 years old and consists of red mud brick houses with lattice windows and narrow alleys, located in a valley around a small river. It is a popular tourist destination and receives many Iranian and foreign visitors every year. The old women in Abyaneh still wear the traditional dress consisting of a long white scarf and a skirt. Abyaneh stayed Zoroastrian until the Safavid dinasty, when the village was forcibly converted to Islam.
01 Narrow alley 02 View of Abyaneh 03 Plants 04 Red mud brick house 05 Red mud brick house
06 Red mud brick house 07 Traditional red mud brick houses 08 Red mud brick house 09 Narrow alley 10 Door 11 Narrow alley
12 Red roof with wooden beams 13 Old women in traditional dress 14 House with ornamental window 15 Inner court 16 Ornamental wooden door 17 Ornamental wooden door
18 Iranian tourist taking photo
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