Sorong is the largest city and main access point to West Papua. It has an airport with flights to Jakarta, Manado, Ambon, other Indonesian cities and a number of locations in West Papua. The airport lies less than 2km from the city centre. Sorong is a city at the border to the jungle: there are no roads yet connecting Sorong with other cities in West Papua. Sorong doesn't have touristic highlights, but it is the main gateway to Raja Ampat, i.e. the ferries to Raja Ampat leave from Sorong.
01 Airport 02 Sorong mall 03 Bank Papua
04 Ahmad Yani street 05 Ahmad Yani street 06 Ahmad Yani street 07 Emaus catholic church
08 Tropical rainforest 09 Raya Al-Akbar Sorong mosque
10 Ferry harbour
11 Water village
12 Ferry street 13 Airport departure hall 14 Airport departure hall
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