Ternate is a small volcanic island with an area of 111 kmĀ² in the Maluku archipelago in the Indonesian province of North Maluku. The island is almost circular with a diameter of 11-13 km. It is of volcanic origin and is dominated by Mt Gamalama, an active volcano with an altitude of 1715m. The coastline consists of black lava rocks and a few beaches with black sand.
The sultanate of Ternate flourished for centuries based on the income generated by the cultivation of cloves. At the peak of its power at the end of the 16th century it controlled an area stretching from Papua to east Sulawesi. Europeans arrived in the 16th century, aiming to control the lucrative spice trade. The Portuguese arrived first and were followed by the Dutch. As a result Ternate, in addition to its impressive natural landscape, has a significant cultural and historic heritage from its colonial period.
How to get to Ternate
Ternate has an airport with flights to Jakarta, Makassar, Ambon, Manado and other Indonesian cities.
Ternate has a number of hotels which are bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Ternate airport 02 Lion air plane in Ternate airport 03 Ternate airport wall 04 St Willibrordus catholic church
05 Waterfront 06 Skate park 07 Raya Al Munawwar mosque 08 Fort Oranje moat
09 Fort Oranje gate 10 Fort Oranje 11 Fort Oranje 12 Fort Oranje gate
13 Fort Oranje 14 Mosque 15 Sultan palace 16 Emblem in sultan palace
17 Fort Tolukko 18 Fort Tolukko 19 Fort Tolukko 20 Gamalama volcano
21 Ternate 22 Black lava rocks in Batu Angus 23 Lava rocks in Batu Angus
24 Lava rocks in Batu Angus 25 Lava rocks in Batu Angus 26 Lava rocks in Batu Angus 27 Lava rocks in Batu Angus
28 Batu Angus coast 29 Sulamadaha beach
30 Pulau Hiri 31 Sulamadaha beach 32 Sulamadaha beach
33 Sulamadaha beach 34 Black sand on Sulamadaha beach 35 Birds and nest 36 Bird nest
37 Hiri island volcano 38 Village on Hiri island 39 Jikomalamo beach 40 Black lava rock coast
41 Black lava rock coast 42 Black lava rock coast 43 Tolire crater lake 44 Lake Tolire 45 Tolire crater lake
46 Lake Tolire 47 Tolire crater lake 48 Bobane beach 49 Bobane beach 50 Black sand on Bobane beach
51 Fort Kastela 52 Lake Ngade 53 Lake Ngade
54 Lake Ngade 55 Tropical rainforest 56 Fort Kalamata
57 Benteng Kalamata fort 58 Harbour
59 Raya Al Munawwar mosque 60 Waterfront 61 Harbour 62 Boat 63 Waterfront
64 Pier 65 Raya Al Munawwar mosque 66 Jatiland shopping mall
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