Surabaya is a city in east Java, located opposite Madura island on the Madura strait. With 3.5 million inhabitants it's the second largest city in Indonesia. Surabaya is a big and growing business and commercial centre in Indonesia. It is not known among tourists as a place to visit, although it has a number of interesting spots spread around the city.
Surabaya was settled in the 10th century and grew over time to become the largest city in Indonesia in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is known as the city of heroes, because the Indonesian war of independence started here with the battle of Surabaya in 1945.
How to get to Surabaya
Surabaya has an international airport with direct flights to Indonesia, several destinations in east and southeast Asia and Saudi Arabia.
There are countless hotels, most bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Rickshaw 02 Rickshaw 03 Chinatown 04 Chinatown 05 Small river
06 Small river 07 Gate to Sunan Ampel area 08 Alley with shop 09 Alley with shop 10 Sunan Ampel mosque
11 Bazaar entrance 12 Sunan Ampel mosque 13 Bazaar 14 Bazaar 15 Bazaar
16 Jalan Sasak street 17 Old building 18 Serang mosque minaret 19 Fish market
20 Fish market 21 Kya-Kya arch in Chinatown 22 Fountain 23 Fountain 24 Governor Suryo street
25 Governor Suryo street 26 Surabaya skyline 27 Colonial era house 28 Governor Suryo statue 29 Tunjungan Plaza mall
30 Kulo coffee shop 31 Tunjungan Plaza mall 32 Heroes monument 33 Heroes monument 34 Surabaya airport
35 Surabaya airport 36 Surabaya airport 37 Surabaya airport
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