Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and its largest city. It lies on the northern coast of Java, close to its western end. The urban area of Jakarta is huge, extending over 25 x 30km. Jakarta has been settled since at least the 4th century and has been ruled by several kingdoms prior to the arrival of the Europeans in the 16th century. The colonial period started with the establishment of trading posts in the 17th century and ended after WW II, when Indonesia achieved independence from the Dutch.
Despite its long history Jakarta nowadays doesn't have much in terms of cultural and historic heritage, mainly because many old buildings have been torn down in the past decades to make place for new developments. Jakarta nowadays is pretty much a modern city. It has a very large number of malls, some of them are very large. The traffic in Jakarta is very intense. Because there is no public transportation system, loads of cars are on the streets and there are lots of traffic jams. Many people need two hours in the morning to get into the office.
Jakarta (at least the central parts I visited in 2012) made a good impression for what concerns cleanliness and security. The (few) tourist attractions are concentrated around Merdeka square and the colonial centre around the Stadhuis. However the main reason to visit Jakarta should be its vibrant nightlife and the multitude of shopping malls.
01 Stadhuis town hall 02 Stadhuis town hall 03 Colourful bicycles and hats 04 Stadhuis town hall 05 Old house
06 Children in a bemo 07 Mandiri museum 08 Taman Fatahillah square 09 Twin towers
10 Kali Besar channel 11 Schooner boats in Sunda Kelapa harbour 12 Schooner boats in Sunda Kelapa harbour 13 Schooner boats in Sunda Kelapa harbour 14 Kali Besar channel
01 National monument in Merdeka square 02 National monument in Merdeka square 03 Cathedral 04 Horse carriage on Merdeka square 05 Istiqlal mosque
06 Istiqlal mosque prayer hall 07 Istiqlal mosque prayer hall 08 Istiqlal mosque 09 Istiqlal mosque
10 Istiqlal mosque 01 Jakarta airport taxis 02 Jakarta airport arrivals area 03 Business district
04 Business district at night 05 Girl in mobile phone shop 06 Puppet heads in Grand Indonesia mall 07 Puppet heads in Grand Indonesia mall 08 Grand Indonesia mall
09 Grand Indonesia mall 10 Grand Indonesia mall 11 Grand Indonesia mall 12 Grand Indonesia mall 13 Decorations in Grand Indonesia mall
14 Grand Indonesia mall 15 Grand Indonesia mall 16 Decorations in Grand Indonesia mall 17 Sudirman mall 18 Skyscraper
19 Business district 20 Business district 21 Business district 22 Business district
23 Dalam Kota street 24 Business district skyscraper 25 Business district skyscraper 26 Business district skyscraper 27 Jakarta skyline
28 Jakarta airport hall - Airasia terminal 29 Jakarta airport hall - Airasia terminal 01 Elephant god statue 02 Statue 03 Statue of god Brahma 04 Statue of warrior
05 Animal head statue 06 Head of statue 07 Statue 08 Ganesha elephant god 09 Head of statue 10 Statue of warrior
11 Bas-relief with inscription 12 Head of statue with skulls 13 Face with big eyes 14 Statue of god Brahma 15 Statue of man
16 Decorated wooden canoe 17 Xylophone musical instrument 18 Buto Ijo mask 19 Leaf-shaped plate 20 Totem pole 21 Wooden shield
22 Wooden statue of ancestor 23 Barong and Rangda musical instruments 24 Aswatama puppet 25 Mask with beard 26 Head of statue of god Vishnu 27 Golden statue of Siwa
28 Golden bas-relief of god 29 Golden statue of couple 01 Sumatra house 02 Sumatra house 03 Sumatra houses
04 Facade of Sumatra house 05 Roofs of Sumatra houses 06 Window of Sumatra house 07 Sumatra house 08 Sumatra houses 09 Sumatra houses
10 Riau house 11 Java pavilion 12 Traditional Indonesian house 13 Sumatra houses
14 Sumatra houses 15 Komodo dragon 16 Komodo dragon
17 Speckled pit viper 18 Toraja houses, Sulawesi 19 Toraja houses, Sulawesi 20 Roofs of Toraja houses 21 Roof of Toraja house
22 Toraja houses, Sulawesi 23 Toraja house, Sulawesi 24 Bulls horns, Toraja house, Sulawesi 25 Palms 26 Bali Hindu temple 27 Bali Hindu temple
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