Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is an open air museum in southeast Jakarta, spreading over an area of 100 ha. The park opened in 1975 and contains replicas of traditional houses of the various provinces and ethnic groups of Indonesia. These houses are often not built with traditional materials. The park can be explored by foot, although due to the size it makes sense to have a transportation medium to visit it. A cablecar hovers over the park offering good views of the various houses. In the park there is also a small theme park modeled after Disneyland as well as a small zoo with a few animals.
01 Sumatra house 02 Sumatra house 03 Sumatra houses 04 Facade of Sumatra house 05 Roofs of Sumatra houses
06 Window of Sumatra house 07 Sumatra house 08 Sumatra houses 09 Sumatra houses 10 Riau house
11 Java pavilion 12 Traditional Indonesian house 13 Sumatra houses
14 Sumatra houses 15 Komodo dragon 16 Komodo dragon
17 Speckled pit viper 18 Toraja houses, Sulawesi 19 Toraja houses, Sulawesi 20 Roofs of Toraja houses 21 Roof of Toraja house
22 Toraja houses, Sulawesi 23 Toraja house, Sulawesi 24 Bulls horns, Toraja house, Sulawesi 25 Palms 26 Bali Hindu temple 27 Bali Hindu temple
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