Bali is a large Indonesian island with a surface of 5633 kmē, located to the east of Java. It is Indonesia's primary tourist destination, with tourism being the largest single industry making Bali one of Indonesia's wealthiest regions. The regional capital is Denpasar. The island has a large mountainous core whcih culminates with the 3142m high Gunung Agung. Bali has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Its culture was heavily influenced by Indian (Sanskrit) culture, a process which started in the 1st century AD. As a result Balinese today are predominantly of Hindu belief.
01 Boat on Sanur beach 02 Pavement on Sanur beach 03 Tree on Sanur beach 04 Boats on Sanur beach 05 Sanur beach
06 Hyatt hotel garden in Nusa Dua 07 Hyatt hotel garden in Nusa Dua 08 Hyatt hotel roof details - Nusa Dua 09 Bougainvillea in Nusa Dua 10 Tanah Lot seaside at sunset
11 Tanah Lot temple at dusk 01 Balinese women with offerings 02 Temple 03 Temple 04 At the thanksgiving ceremony
05 Hair of balinese girl 06 Grandfather and child 07 Grandfather and child 08 Balinese mother and child 09 Altar with offerings
10 Temple priest 11 Balinese girl eating 12 Balinese children 13 Balinese family 14 Temple artist drawing
01 Balinese children 02 Balinese children 03 Balinese children 04 Balinese schoolboy 05 Balinese schoolchildren
06 Balinese schoolchildren 07 Clean-up campaign for Bali national day 08 Clean-up campaign for Bali national day 09 Balinese men 10 Caucasian-Balinese boy
11 Fried rice 12 Motorbikes 13 Government officials at the National day 14 Government officials at the National Day 15 Boys and girls marching in white uniforms on National Day
16 Schoolgirls at the National Day celebrations 17 Students parade at the National Day celebrations 18 Adventure travel 4WD car 19 Balinese child at paddy field
20 Balinese child at paddy field 21 Balinese children at paddy field 22 Balinese mother and child at paddy field 23 Gardens of Antonio Blanco museum
24 Blue and yellow macaw parrots 25 Blue and yellow macaw parrots 26 Blue and yellow macaw parrots 27 Blue and yellow macaw parrot 28 Blue and yellow macaw parrot
29 Blue and yellow macaw parrots 30 White cockatoo parrot 31 White cockatoo parrot 32 Sticky rice 33 Old Balinese women preparing decorations 34 Old Balinese woman preparing god offering
35 Old Balinese man 36 Men preparing god offerings 37 Burning sacrificial bull figure 01 Barong gamelan orchestra 02 Barong dance band
03 Barong dancer 04 Barong dancer 05 Barong dancer 06 Barong dancer 01 Legong gamelan orchestra
02 Female Legong dancers 03 Female Legong dancer 04 Female Legong dancer 05 Legong dancer 06 Legong dancer
07 Female Legong dancer 08 Female Legong dancer 09 Female Legong dancer 10 Female Legong dancer 11 Female Legong dancer
12 Female Legong dancer 13 Female Legong dancer 14 Female Legong dancers 15 Female Legong dancers 16 Female Legong dancers
17 Female Legong dancers 18 Female Legong dancers 19 Female Legong dancer 20 Female Legong dancer
21 Legong dancer 22 Legong dancer 23 Female Legong dancer 24 Female Legong dancer 25 Legong dancers
26 Female Legong dancer 27 Legong dancer with lion costume 28 Legong dancers 29 Female Legong dancers 30 Legong dancer
01 Airport 02 AirAsia plane 03 NAM Air
04 Beachwalk mall 05 Kuta beach
06 Kuta beach
07 Kuta beach 08 Kuta beach 09 Kuta beach
10 Hard Rock Cafe 11 Kuta beach 12 Kuta beach
13 Kuta beach
14 Kuta beach 15 Beach promenade
16 Kuta beach sunset 17 Kuta beach sunset 18 Kuta beach sunset 19 Fisherman at sunset
20 Discovery shopping mall 21 People on Kuta beach
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