Jodhpur, which is also known as the 'Blue City' due to the multitude of blue houses, is the second city of Rajahstan and the former capital of Marwar. The city sprawls around the impressive clifftop Merengarh fort, one of the most rewarding in the state.
01 View of Fort and city 02 Meherangarh fort 03 Side walls detail 04 Gate 05 Fort detail with windows
06 Gate 07 Inside the fort 08 Corridor 09 Inside the fort 10 Decorated windows 11 Fort palace
12 Decorated balcony window 13 Inside the fort 14 Squirrel 15 White cupolas 16 Fort palace
17 Decorated facade with windows 01 Jaswant Thada memorial 02 Jaswant Thada memorial 03 Memorial detail 04 Jaswant Thada memorial
05 Jaswant Thada memorial 06 Memorial detail 07 Inside the memorial 01 Panorama view of the blue city
02 Panorama view of the blue city 03 Fort rampart and city 04 View of the blue city
05 Panorama view of the blue city 06 View of the blue city 07 View through window
08 Cow on street 09 Cow 01 Umaid Bhavan palace 02 Umaid Bhavan palace 03 Central cupola
04 Inner court 05 Palace interior
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