Near Srinagar lies the 6.4km long and 4km wide Dal lake. The lake is divided by causeways into four basins, called Gagribal, Lokut Dal, Bod Dal and Nagin. It is famous for the approx. 500 Victorian-era wooden houseboats, originally built as vacation homes during the colonial period, and nowadays rented out to tourists visiting the region. The local inhabitants, the Mihrbahri, grow vegetables and flowers in floating beds along the lake shore.
01 Indian tourist with henna paintings 02 Houseboat along shore 03 Female Malaysian Chinese tourist entering houseboat 04 Houseboat interior
05 Houseboat interior 06 Shikara boat and boatman 07 Curtain in houseboat 08 Meal bowls with rice and soup 09 Lake shore
10 Lake shore 11 Blossoming cherry tree 12 Kashmiri boy 13 Houseboats along shore 14 Lake shore with reflections
15 Shikara boats along shore 16 Boatman and lake panorama 17 Lake shore with reflections 18 Lake shore with reflections
19 Kashmiri men in boat Nagin basin 20 Old Kashmiri men in boat Nagin basin 21 Old Kashmiri men in boat Nagin basin 22 Fisherman and boat
23 Fisherman throwing net 24 Lake shore with reflections 25 Lake shore with reflections 26 Lake shore with reflections
27 Lake shore with reflections 28 Lake shore with reflections 29 Boat with boys in Nagin basin 30 Boat in Nagin basin
31 Boats and boatmen in Nagin basin 32 Shikara boats along shore 33 Houseboat along shore
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