The museum of Olympia displays artifacts of the most celebrated sanctuary of antiquity, the temple of Zeus in Olympia. The museum contains finds from the excavations in the sacred precinct of the Altis dating from prehistoric times to the early Christian period.
01 Lion head shaped spout 02 Clay Roman soldier puppet 03 Sculptured ornaments from Zeus temple 04 Sculpture of centaurs abducting Lapith women 05 Statue of Zeus
06 Heracles taming the bull of Crete 07 Statue of goddess Nike of Paionios 08 Corinthian style column 09 Etruscan style bronze helmet 10 Corinthian style bronze helmet
11 Winged Gorgoneion sheet 12 Shield 13 Bronze Illyrian helmet 14 Griffin protome 15 Bronze lion head
16 Etruscan style bronze helmet 17 Terracotta statue of Zeus carrying Ganymede 18 Modern Olympia
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