The Treasury of Atreus is an impressive "tholos" tomb lying next to the citadel of Mycenae, Built around the 13th century BC it held the remains of the king who completed the reconstruction of the fortress of Mycenae or one of his successors. The grave can be accessed through the main entrance on whose doorway there is a lintel stone weighing 120 tons. The interior chamber has a circular shape with a diameter of 14.5m and a dome 13.5m high. According to the myth, King Atreus of Mycenae was the son of Pelops and Hippodamia, and father of Agamemnon and Menelaus.
01 Main entrance 02 Main entrance 03 Stone wall 04 Main entrance with lintel stone
05 Main entrance with lintel stone 06 Interior chamber 07 Interior chamber 08 Interior chamber
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