Mykonos is a Greek island the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, located about 150 km to the southeast of Athens, very close to the island of Delos. Mykonos has an area of 86 kmē and a population of 9300 inhabitants. It is one of the most popular Greek islands and a magnet for tourists. Since the 1960s the island attracts a large number of homosexual people.
01 Little Venice 02 Vinegar and oil 03 Windmills 04 Windmills 05 Fishing boats in Mykonos harbour
06 Fishing boats in Mykonos harbour 07 Fishing boat in Mykonos harbour 08 Restaurant tables 09 Restaurant tables
10 Door knob 11 Sunset 12 Sunset 13 Ship at sunset 14 Alley
15 Restaurant in little Venice 16 Church bell 17 Cat 18 Beach 19 Beach
20 Mykonos island beach 21 Restaurant tables 22 Ship at sunset 23 Sunset 24 Church
25 Door knocker
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