The Sanssouci palace and adjoint park are located in the city of Potsdam, about 2km northwest of the train station. The palace was built between 1745 and 1747 in Baroque Rococo style, as a private residence and summer palace for Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. The palace lies on top of a terraced hill, where a gentle slope leads to a large fountain in a pond. The Sanssouci palace has been in the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1990.
The New Palais lies a few hundred metres to the west of the Sanssouci palace and was built between 1763 and 1769. It is regarded as the most significant Baroque castle in Prussia.
01 Ehrenhof 02 Grid pavilion 03 Sun detail on grid pavilion
04 Jet fountain and pond 05 Sanssouci park and pond 06 Garden facade of central block 07 Jet fountain and pond
08 Garden facade of central block 09 Jet fountain and pond
10 White statue 11 Sanssouci park 12 Sanssouci park
13 Garden side of central palace
14 Central cupola 15 Central cupola
16 Garden facade of central block
17 Jet fountain and pond 18 Sanssouci park 19 Garden facade of central block 20 Central dome
21 New palace
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