The Oktoberfest is a festival held every year in Munich on the Theresienwiese, between the second half of September and early October and lasts 16 days. The first Oktoberfest was held on October 18th, 1810. The Oktoberfest consists of a huge fun fair on one side and large tents, where people drink beer while a band plays music. Lots of visitors wear the traditional Bavarian dress - Lederhosen for the men and Dirndl for the women. The Octoberfest attracts each year a huge number of foreign tourists.
01 Starflyer swing ride 02  Couple wearing traditional Bavarian dress 03 Lach Freu Haus funhouse 04 Wearing Bavarian Lederhosen
05 Amusement ride area 06 Fun fair 07 Waiting for the ride 08 Breakdance amusement ride 09 Frisbee amusement ride
10 Crowd 11 Big panoramic wheel 12 Big panoramic wheel 13 Big panoramic wheel 14 Feuer Eis roller coaster 15 Futureworld funhouse
16 Big panoramic wheel 17 Smiling for the camera 18 At the high striker 19 Hitting the high striker 20 High striker 21 Paulaner tower
22 Paulaner tower 23 Candies shop 24 Swing carousel amusement ride 25 Bumper car flat ride 26 Bumper car flat ride
27 Swing carousel amusement ride 28 Roller coaster 29 Frisbee amusement ride 30 Parkour amusement ride
31 Drinks and candies stall at dusk 32 Drinks and candies stall at dusk 33 Gingerbread hearts 34 Gingerbread hearts 35 Gingerbread love hearts
36 Pub 37 Hoellenblitz funhouse 38 Darts funhouse
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