Dresden, the capital of the state of Saxony, is located along the Elbe river in the former East Germany. It is a major tourist attraction due to its baroque and rococo historic centre, one of the most beautiful ones in Germany. The city's origins can be traced back to the 13th century when Dietrich, Margrave of Meissen, chose Dresden as his residence. Later Dresden became the capital and royal residence of the Electors and Kings of Saxony, who over the centuries added impressive buildings to the city. Most of the most significant palaces and churches of Dresden date back to the 18th century. Due to its impressive architecture Dresden was called the Florence of the Elbe. The entire historic centre of Dresden was almost completely destroyed by a controversial Allied aerial bombing in 1945. Most of what is visible today has been reconstructed after the war and the reconstruction effort is still continuing. Some of the historic buildings were replaced by modern buildings ("socialist realism" architecture) in the post-war period. The historic centre of Dresden together with the Elbe valley has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2004.
01 Crown gate 02 Wall pavilion 03 Inner court
04 Pavilion 05 Statue and inner court 06 Inner court 07 Glockenspiel pavilion
08 Inner court and Semper gallery 09 Semper gallery
10 Semper gallery 01 Semperoper opera house 02 Cathedral 03 Cathedral tower
04 Castle and cathedral at night 05 Cathedral at night 06 Semperoper opera house at night
07 Semper gallery at night 08 Cathedral and castle at night 01 Residenzschloss castle
02 Tower 03 Residenzschloss castle 04 Tower 05 Castle street 06 Covered inner court
07 Covered inner court 08 Covered inner court 09 Bookshop 10 Castle street 11 Stallhof
12 Stallhof 13 Tower 14 Fuerstenzug 01 Academy of Fine Arts 02 Facade detail
03 Academy of Fine Arts 04 Roof detail 05 Academy of Fine Arts 06 Academy of Fine Arts
07 An der Frauenkirche street 08 Glass dome 09 Academy of Fine Arts
01 Dome 02 Tip of the Frauenkirche 03 Frauenkirche 04 Frauenkirche 05 Dome 06 Church interior
07 Cupola 08 Church interior 09 Lighting the candles 10 Dome 11 Dome 12 Frauenkirche and Elbe river
13 Dome at night 14 Frauenkirche 01 Cycle rickshaws 02 Neumarkt square
03 Neumarkt square 04 Hotel on Neumarkt square 05 Hotel on Neumarkt square
06 Fountain in Altmarkt square 07 Altmarkt square 08 Kulturpalast
09 Altmarkt square 10 Neumarkt square at night 01 Train station
02 Train station 03 Train station 04 Wiener Platz 05 Sunset view
06 Prager street 07 Prager street 08 Fountain on Prager street 09 Tram stop 10 Building on Wiener Platz
11 Train station 01 Provincial high court and court of appeal 02 Elbe river from Bruehl Terrace 03 Ernst Rietschel monument
04 Female musicians 05 Ministry of Finance building 06 Trees along Elbe river
07 Skyline with Bruehl terrace 08 Skyline with Bruehl terrace
09 Skyline with Bruehl terrace 01 View towards west with hot air balloon
02 Skyline 03 Skyline with Elbe river
04 Enjoying the view 05 Elbe river bridges 06 Academy of Fine Arts glass dome
07 Elbe river banks 08 Clock tower 09 Castle and cathedral towers
10 Skyline with Altmarkt square 01 Russian orthodox church 02 Roof with domes 03 Blue domes
04 Entrance 05 Russian orthodox church 01 Pillnitz castle 02 Pillnitz castle
03 Pillnitz castle 04 Pillnitz castle
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