The Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest in English) is a historic 3rd Reich building located in the south of Bavaria, close to the border to Austria. It lies on a rocky outcrop at 1834m of altitude, not far from the Kehlstein, an 1881m peak of the Göll massif. The Kehlsteinhaus was completed in 1938 based on a design by the architect Roderich Fick. It was used by members of the Nazi party for government and social meetings (Adolf Hitler visited the place personally 14 times). Together with the Berghof, the Kehlsteinhaus was one of the Führer headquarters. It was captured by the US army on May 4th, 1945.
The area around the Kehlsteinhaus is quite scenic. There are a number of trails, one of them leading to the Hoher Göll mountain.
How to get to the Kehlsteinhaus
Visitors drive to the documentation centre in Obersalzberg and leave the car in a parking. From there, there is a bus which via a narrow mountain road brings tourists to a parking. From where it is possible to reach the Kehlsteinhaus by using an elevator inside the mountain. Another option is to walk along a trail to the Kehlsteinhaus.
While there is no accomodation directly at the Kehlsteinhaus, it is possible to stay in a hotel in the area, for instance in Berchtesgaden.
01 Bus station 02 Tunnel to Kehlsteinhaus elevator 03 Panoramic view over Berchtesgaden valley 04 Trail to Kehlstein summit
05 Trail to Kehlstein summit 06 Kehlstein summit 07 Kehlstein summit 08 Trail to Kehlstein summit
09 Path to Kehlstein mountain 10 Trail to Kehlstein summit 11 Path to Kehlstein mountain 12 Ravine
13 View towards Hoher Goell mountain 14 Hoher Goell mountain 15 Hoher Goell mountain 16 Hoher Goell mountain
17 Hoher Goell mountain 18 Trail to Kehlsteinhaus 19 Kehlsteinhaus 20 Kehlsteinhaus
21 Kehlsteinhaus 22 Kehlsteinhaus 23 Kehlsteinhaus 24 Kehlsteinhaus and surroundings
25 Kehlstein summit 26 Trail to Kehlstein 27 Hoher Goell mountain 28 Stone pyramid
29 Hoher Goell mountain 30 Hoher Goell mountain 31 Kehlsteinhaus 32 Kehlsteinhaus interior
33 Panoramic view over Berchtesgaden valley 34 Tunnel on road to Kehlsteinhaus 35 Tunnel on road to Kehlsteinhaus 36 Tunnel on road to Kehlsteinhaus 37 Mountain road to Kehlsteinhaus
38 Mountain road to Kehlsteinhaus 39 Mountain road to Kehlsteinhaus 40 Trees in autumn foliage 41 Trees in autumn foliage 42 Trees in autumn foliage 43 Trees in autumn foliage
44 Trees in autumn foliage
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