Mestia is the main settlement in the Upper Svaneti region of Georgia. It is a small city of 2600 inhabitants, located in a valley at 1500m of altitude. All over Mestia there are medieval Svan towers, which were used in the past for defensive purposes. Mestia has a small airport with daily flights to Kutaisi and Tbilisi, operated by Vanilla Sky. The city has a number of hotels and guesthouses and is the main tourist centre in the region. Around Mestia are several over 4000m high peaks and a number of trails. A number of walking routes to the nearby mountains are available. Besides the plane, it is possible to access Mestia by a road to Zugdidi.
01 Mestia airport 02 Vanilla Sky plane in Mestia airport 03 Towers in Mestia
04 Mestia 05 Mestia 06 Enguri river 07 Enguri river
08 Tower 09 Svan towers 10 Tower 11 Hotel Old House 12 Tower interior 13 Tower
14 Tower 15 Svan towers 16 Svan towers 17 Mestia
18 Mestia 19 Svan towers 20 Svan towers 21 Tower interior
22 Travel agency 23 Hotel Mestia 24 Town hall
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