The city of Sighnaghi is a major tourist centre in Kakheti. It's a picturesque city located about 100km east of Tbilisi on a hill overlooking the Alazani valley. Sighnaghi was founded in the 18th century by king Heraclius II of Georgia and is surrounded by a 4km long wall. It is possible to walk on the wall and climb onto the towers from which there are good views of the city and the valley below. Sighnaghi has many hotels and restaurants.
01 Defensive tower 02 City walls 03 Sighnaghi
04 Sighnaghi 05 Sighnaghi
06 City walls 07 Defensive tower and city walls 08 Soviet era memorial
09 St George church 10 Cobblestone street 11 Citywall gate 12 Solomon Dodashvili statue 13 Khinkali dumplings
14 Municipality administration building 15 Bank building at night 16 Hotel Signagi 17 World War II memorial
18 World War II memorial 19 Street in Sighnaghi 20 Municipality administration building 21 Candy seller 22 Georgian candies
23 Tklapi fruit rolls 24 Churchkhela candies 25 St George church 26 City walls and church 27 Old town
28 St George church 29 City walls
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