David (or Davit) Gareja (დავითგარეჯის სამონასტრო კომპლექსი in Georgian) is a Georgian Orthodox monastery complex partly carved into the rock, located about 70km southeast of Tbilisi, on the border to Azerbaijan. The complex comprises 15 monasteries spread over a large area, of which only two (Lavra and Udabno) are usually visited by tourists. Over the centuries monks created hundreds of living quarters in the rock face. The monastery complex was originally founded in the 6th century by St David Garejeli, an Assyrian monk. The last km of the road leading to David Gareja are a bad dirt track. The complex itself is in a dry, desertlike part of Georgia.
01 Parking area 02 Hill above Lavra monastery 03 Entrance to Lavra monastery 04 Georgian Asomtavruli inscriptions 05 Heorgian orthodox monk
06 Towers 07 Lavra monastery 08 Tower 09 Clock tower 10 Monk living quarters in the rock wall
11 Staircase 12 Lavra monastery 13 Lavra monastery 14 Monk living quarters in the rock wall
15 Monk living quarters in the rock wall 16 Church
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