The castle of Villandry was built on the site of a 12th century fortress 15km to the west of Tours in 1536. The castle was built in Renessaince style by Jean le Breton as one of the last Renessaince castles, and therefore lacks medieval architectural elements. The highlight of this castle are its impressive gardens, which extend over three levels.
01 Moat and castle 02 Castle wing 03 Vegetable garden and castle
04 Villandry castle 05 View of castle from music garden 06 Villandry castle
07 Pond and castle 08 Pavilion 09 View with love and vegetable gardens 10 Castle facade and moat
01 Vegetable garden and castle 02 Vegetable garden 03 White flowers 04 Red begonia flowers
05 Vegetable garden 06 Vegetable garden 07 Music garden
08 Water garden 09 Path with grapevines 10 Double row of trees 11 Water garden
12 Pond in water garden 13 Water garden 14 Vegetable garden 15 Love garden with hedges
16 Love garden with hedges 17 Love garden with hedges 18 Love garden with hedges
19 Love garden with hedges 20 Hedges in vegetable garden 21 Pond with fish
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