The Sinai is a triangular peninsula with 61000 kmē extending from the Mediterranean sea in the north towards the south into the Red Sea. It is a desertic area with red-brown mountains, which belongs to the African plate, although it is considered geographically part of Asia. The Sinai peninsula has a great significance for the Jewish religion having been the great and terrible wilderness the Israelites had to cross in search of the promised land. According to the Jewish and Christian faiths Moses received the ten commandments on Mt Sinai, in the south of the peninsula. The Sinai has some impressive scenery, due to its jagged mountains and landscape full of contrasts.
01 Sinai mountains 02 Road through the desert 03 Road through the desert
04 Road through the desert 05 Road through the desert
06 Road through the desert 07 Road through the desert 08 Sinai mountains 09 Sinai mountains
10 Sinai mountains 11 Sinai mountains 12 Sinai mountains 13 Sinai mountains
14 Sinai mountains 15 Sinai mountains 16 Taxi in the desert 17 Road through the desert
18 Acacia tree 19 Desert scenery 20 Desert scenery 21 Sinai mountains
22 Sinai mountains 23 Power line 24 Sinai mountains 25 Sinai mountains
26 Road through the desert 27 Telecommunications tower and power line 28 Acacia tree
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