The necropolis of Saqqara (also known as Sakkara or Saqqarah) lies to the west of the Nile river on the edge of the western desert, 20km south of Cairo. Saqqara is famous for the step pyramid of Djoser, which was built under king Djoser (2720-2700 BC) during the 3rd dynasty. This pyramid is the eldest known monumental stone structure in the world. Saqqara was the necropolis of the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. It stretches from north to south over an area of 7 x 1.5 km. Nowadays the area is dotted with tombs and ancient structures. Only the small section around the pyramid of Djoser is visited by tourists.
01 Funerary complex of Djoser 02 Funerary complex of Djoser 03 Roofed colonnade corridor 04 Pillars 05 Tomb
06 Snake wall 07 Ruins of columns 08 Hieroglyphs carved on wall
09 Hieroglyphs carved on wall 10 Tomb door 11 Djoser step pyramid 12 Djoser step pyramid
13 Panoramic view of Sakkara site 14 Djoser step pyramid 15 Djoser step pyramid
16 Djoser step pyramid 17 Djoser step pyramid 18 Djoser step pyramid 19 Abusir pyramids
20 Mereruka romb complex 21 Mereruka romb complex 22 Frescoes inside the Mereruka tomb
23 Frescoes inside the Mereruka tomb 24 Frescoes inside the Mereruka tomb 25 Frescoes inside the Mereruka tomb 26 Frescoes inside the Mereruka tomb
27 Frescoes inside the Mereruka tomb 28 Hieroglyphs carved on wall 29 Tomb door 30 Wall carvings
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