4km to the west of the German War Memorial lies the Italian War Memorial, built between 1954 and 1958 by the Italian government on a design of Paolo Caccia Dominioni. The complex is relatively large and consists of a small museum at the entrance and a hexagonal tower containing a chapel and the graves of the soldiers. Near the Itailian war memorial lies a monument for the Q33 point, a heavily fought after position during World War II.
01 Main entrance 02 Main entrance 03 Italian tank reconstruction 04 Italian war memorial
05 Italian war memorial 06 Italian war memorial 07 Italian war memorial 08 Italian war memorial
09 Plaque with names of soldiers 10 Staircase 11 Glass door of memorial 12 Staircase 13 Staircase
14 Inner hall with altar 15 Wall with marble graves 16 Wall with marble graves 17 Inner hall 18 Inner hall with altar
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