This gallery contains photos of Central Cairo, more specifically of the area around Midan Tahrir and Midan Talaat Harb squares. Especially the area around Talaat Harb is full of fashionable upmarket shops.
01 Coptic church 02 Lemon seller 03 Vegetables shop 04 Butcher shop 05 Street sweater seller
06 Street clothes seller 07 Carpet 08 Gayer Anderson museum 09 Gayer Anderson museum 10 Gayer Anderson museum
11 Midan Tahrir square 12 Midan Tahrir square 13 Midan Talaat Harb square 14 Midan Talaat Harb square
15 El Abd pastries shop 16 El Abd pastries shop 17 Pastries 18 El Abd pastries shop 19 Cinema
20 Talaat Harb street at night 21 Talaat Harb square at night
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