A selection of pictures of downtown Assuan with its narrow alleys, markets and bazaars. Assuan (Aswan) is small enough to be visited in one day. Work on the unfinished obelisk was stopped when the stone developed a crack. Because of that the obelisk was left in the granite quarry.
01 Oranges and bananas stall 02 Donkey 03 Lemons stall and customers 04 Lemons stall 05 Vegetables stalls
06 Vegetables stalls 07 Green peppers 08 Butcher shop 09 Vegetables seller 10 Cauliflower
11 Catholic church 12 Train station 13 Downtown Aswan 14 Spices shop
15 Lemon stall and donkey 16 Jewellery seller 17 Unfinished obelisk 18 Unfinished obelisk 19 Assuan Moon restaurant
20 Pastries and cakes shop 21 Spices shop at night 22 Bazaar at night 23 Bazaar at night 24 Vegetables seller
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